Some of my work

Sanspapier Beratungsstelle Bern

Sanspapiers Beratungsstelle Bern

This is a custom responsive WordPress template I designed and built for a charity providing a counselling service for immigrants without papers in Bern, Switzerland.

The page is build with a modular content system and is using Sass, Bourbon Neat, HTML5, jQuery/JavaScript and PHP.
Ahoy Mate app

Ahoy Mate

For a two weeks project at General Assembly I designed and built a sailing app .

The page is build with Rails, Haml, Sass, jQuery, Ajax, the Google Maps API and the Open Weather API
Second Chef app

Second Chef

Second Chef is a one week project at General Assembly in a team of three for which we used Rails, Haml, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, Google Maps API, Ajax and Bourbon Neat.
Annick Emmenegger Brunner

Annick Emmenegger Brunner

I designed and built a responsive bilingual single-page website for a great lawyer in Bern, Switzerland using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery
Leu Peu Girard

Le Peu Girard

This is a responsive bilingual website for a beautiful organic farm in french Switzerland using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

About me

Hi there!

I'm a web developer from Switzerland based in London and the Netherlands. I create custom CMS templates with either WordPress or Craft CMS, for static websites or blogaware websites I like to use Jekyll. And for the geeky ones: I'm happy working with HTML5/Haml, CSS3/Sass, JavaScript/jQuery, SQL, PostgreSQL, AJAX, Heroku, AWS and Github. But the most important thing I've learnt about web development is that coding is a never ending learning experience.

I work as a freelancer and I'm always happy to discuss new projects, so please get in touch if you have something in mind I could help you with!

Download my resume as pdf here


I would to hear from you, so please get in touch!